The Rental List is a very popular feature in Masa U'Matan. If you have a residence in Lakewood to rent out, you can list it in our comprehensive listing of columns and rows full of easy to read information for $18 one time, or $55 Flat Rate to run until rented, up to a maximum of 13 issues, which is about three months. (Your unit needs to be available within about seven weeks to be eligible for the Flat Rate deal.) For an extra $2 by the time, or $10 by the Flat Rate, your unit can also be included on a paper list of only apartments of interest to Chassanim (engaged students in the Lakewood Yeshiva), many copies of which are placed in the Yeshiva dining room each week for each one to take for his apartment research.

The picture below of a page of the list is not the real thing! To download the current listing, which is usually changed very late Tuesday evening, CLICK HERE.

Categories of information which we need to know about are:

  • Type of residence (indicated by letters H, T, A or skinny A): House, Townhouse (any attached house), Apartment or Basement apartment
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms? (A bathroom without a bathtub or shower is called a half-bath.)
  • What is the residence’s location (neighborhood, or nearby intersection)?
  • How much is the rent? You can choose to display a symbol meaning “Call.”
  • What utilities, if any, does the landlord pay: Gas, electric, water or heat?
  • Are you able to accept “Section 8,” that is, HUD rental subsidy? Note: In New Jersey, if your unit is able to be rented under HUD, you are not allowed to refuse to accept it.
  • What telephone number should interested people call? You can list a maximum of two numbers. Don’t forget to include the area code.
  • Comments: There is room for approximately ten to twelve words of extra comment, such as condition of home, inclusion of backyard, garage, basement, etc. and when residence will be available for rent.

You are responsible to let us know by Monday night at 732-364-9392 when the residence is rented out or no longer needs to be advertised for any other reason, so that we do not waste space advertising it for nothing.


sample Rental List