You may email your ad  to Classifieds@..., fax it to 732-961-1329, or call it in to us at 732-364-9392.

Compose your text before calling it in. The deadline is Monday at 4 p.m. The cost is $12 for 12 words , $16 for 20, $20 for 28. Add $2 for a few words in bold or Hebrew. One phone number is free.

How do you count words? Even a 1-letter word counts. “9:30–2:10” or “long-term” count as separate words, but 1 or 2 characters connected to another word with a hyphen are just one word; for example, “10–4:30” “in-town” “10-inch” or “M.–Th.” “Call” or “please call” before the phone number count; your politeness could cost you...

You must pay for the ad before it is published. You may give us your credit card number or send a check.

Send check promptly to: Don Greenberg, 160 E. 9th St. Lakewood, NJ 08701. In the memo mention the topic and phone number of the classified!